Chocolate, churros and cheap things

I don’t believe there are enough churros places in the UK considering how delicious the pastry and chocolate combination is.

It seems that there are others who agree with me. The Evening Standard recently mentioned a boom in Spanish-style eating and the fact that a new churros place is opening on Acre Lane, next door to the tapas restaurant Boqueria.

I have heard that Peyton and Byrne at the British Library do good churros and chocolate and, of course, I will be researching this claim assiduously.

Now, the picture below is not churros but it is delicious Italian hot chocolate from Opus coffee shop in Brixton.

It is very tasty and the cafe is a nice place to wile away the time when you’re not in Brixton or Clapham but in Acre Lane No Man’s Land. (It’s also opposite a new tapas place Boqueria which is supposed to be great.)

Other hot chocolates I think are great are the hot chocolate milano from Cafe Nero and the hot chocolate from apostrophe. If you’re ever in Paris, try Angelina’s for the thickest hot chocolate of them all. My arteries have never forgiven me.

Anyway, back to more solid chocolate ground. I went to a party at a new opening of the shop Choccywoccydoodah last week in Carnaby Street.

The owners describe the concept as “an art and design focused chocolaterie” and they even have their own show on the Good Food Channel. The original branch is in Brighton.

I also met some lovely people who were similarly food-obsessed including the Cake Hunter (otherwise known as Sophie) and Alicja McCarthy who writes for publications such as We Heart.

The chocolate here is camp and ridiculous but also very tasty. I got rather over-excited after having some champagne and insisted on dipping the brownies into melted chocolate until I felt a bit unwell.

I would definitely recommend popping to the store near Carnaby Street to have a nose around and a chat with the staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. And perhaps to try the chocolate, since you’re there (it would be rude not to).

I will be plumbing the chocolatey depths a little more over the next few weeks (I’ve only really scratched the surface so far…) I will talk to some chocolate experts for my next post including the Academy of Chocolate to hear more about sourcing, production and what the future holds.

In the mean time, here’s an article I wrote last week on the history of pie and mash and here are some interesting-looking free things I saw advertised in Brixton library: book at breakfast, community draught busters, a social network for mentoring and training; and free nature walks (including a bat walk!)…

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