Budget Thai

This article by Guardian food critic Jay Rayner discusses one of the restaurants in the newly regenerated Brixton village (right by Brick Box of the amazing pancakes):


I’ve not tried it but it is now top of my list for places-I-must-eat-before-I-die/move-out-of-Brixton. Also got me thinking about my favourite budget Thai places. It’s my favourite type of food and often Thai places offer BYOB which just makes me like them even more.

Thai corner cafe in East Dulwich is great – intimate setting, strong flavours, BYOB to top it off:


You could even do a little bar crawl down Lordship lane afterwards, (although this will cost you more than the Thai).

Ban Thai, also in Brixton, (on Coldharbour lane) is cheap and cheerful and for those reasons alone, one of the local establishments I frequent the most. I’ve also been told that Rosa’s Thai (in Spitalfields and more recently, Soho) is great:


In terms of the many gastropubs which offer Thai; the Woodbine in Finsbury Park is the best.

So, in short – Thai is good. Thai with BYOB is even better.

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2 Responses to Budget Thai

  1. miss south says:

    I used to love Marie’s Cafe on Lower Marsh as a hangover cure. Amazing Thai food in a proper greasy spoon with an ancient sign outside which may well be ‘retro chic’ now instead of aged. Wonder if it’s still there? Anyone know?

    • saltounite says:

      Ah good tip, thanks. I’ve never been there but will give it a try to see if it’s still around. I can never find many good places to eat around Waterloo so am hoping it is.

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